I am here to help strong leaders build stronger organizations

It is my goal to help you grow into the impactful leader you desire to be. I’m willing to face hard facts and confront sensitive topics with respect and honor. I want your growth to be long-lasting and meaningful to you.

Kelvin Waites

I’ve served in every level of leadership, both in private and public sectors, and fully understand the “Waite” of leadership. I’m set and ready to get you across your personal and corporate finish line. With me on your team, your hard work, and dedication; your next level is closer than ever before.

Kelvin’s Coaching provides you with the critical skills

Needed to lead

Your organization, your life, and your team’s success.

Kelvin Waites Speaking

Session Topics

Trainings are goal-oriented and designed with your success in mind.

Approachable Leadership

This interactive section focuses on the ups and downs that all leaders encounter during their journey.  This session will provide you with a strong foundation as you begin or continue this marathon race that we call leadership.  We touch on common pain points that all leaders go through at some point or another.

Diversity and Inclusion Conversation

This thought-provoking session covers the benefits of greater diversity, equity, and inclusion. Kelvin’s philosophy of, “diversity is that it’s a tool that can cleanse us of our biases”, is the cornerstone of this training. Unconscious bias and ignorance are two categories that are thoroughly discussed. This training tackles hard topics and provokes the start of further discussions that lead to long-lasting understanding and personal introspection.

Leading in the Dark

During this interactive session we tackle the challenge that leaders have when all hell breaks loose. How do you continue to lead during a crisis while steadying the ship? We will dig into the nuts and bolts of this topic and you will walk away feeling confident about you being able to survive a crisis as a leader.

Team Forward

This interactive training helps improve your teams’ performance and engagement. The subject of team trust, accountability, goal accomplishment, and comradery is the cornerstone of this session. Attendees will walk away equipped to implement real-time solutions and strategies.

Customized training options are available per request. Both virtual and in-person, interactive sessions are available.